Exning Community Church Hall


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Information and Bookings:            exningchurchhall@gmail.com    Phone: 07516-438133

Publicity on behalf of Users of the Hall

You may like to know that for regular activities or “one-off” events open to the public the checklist below gives an indication of places you might consider using to publicise your event.

As the list includes some Facebook pages which require you to “join”, we have arranged with “Exning.Net” to help on a “Best Efforts” basis with promoting those through:

  1. A listing in the “Whats On” panel on the village website “Exning,Net”
  2. ECCH Facebook page
  3. A mailshot to the “ECCH Events” email distribution list
  4. Slide in the “Ad Reel” shown:

before monthly Village Cinema films and

during refreshment break at monthly Music Builds Communities “Singing for Fun”

  1. Advice (and possibly help with posting) on use of other local Social Media which may be relevant to the event including


A. Exning Community Facebook

b. Studlands Residents Facebook

C.  Newmarket Events Facebook

d. Newmarket Community Facebook Page

e. Newmarket The Happening Facebook Page

F. Music Builds Communities Facebook

g. Exning Parish Churches Facebook Page

H. Burwell Community Noticeboard

Nextdoor for Newmarket area or a subset by civil parish:

a. Exning

b. Severals

n. St. Mary's

c. Fordham

d. Burwell

e. All Saints

f. Reach

g. Stetchworth

h. Chippenham

i. Soham

j. Swaffham Prior

k. Kentford and Moulton

l. Woodditton

m. Cheveley

These cannot be guaranteed but we will help on a “Best Efforts” basis in a timely manner

If you would like further information please contact info@exning.net