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Lively worship


Focused Prayers


Photos from previous “Soundbites” below


Music by the “Soundbites Band”

Other Activities – Making Things

“Making a tent” with blankets

“Making a tent” with jelly babies

Bible Study

“Teepee of Prayers”

Come along to “Soundbites” in Exning on the 4th Sunday each month. It’s a new style of worship which should be attractive to families, as well as people of all ages, whether regular church goers or not.

 Instead of coffee afterwards – we start with breakfast at 9.30 am (of bacon rolls, croissants, fair traded tea and coffee, fresh fruit and catering for gluten free and lactose free diets) -- then at 10 am. the worship begins.

 Instead of being in an old building -- we meet in Exning Community Church Hall (next to St Martin’s Church)

 Instead of pews – you’ll sit around a table, café (cabaret?) style

 Instead of all ancient hymns from a book – sing modern worship songs with words projected on a screen

 Instead of the organ – lively music is provided by the “Soundbites Band” (typically keyboard, electric guitars and drums)

 Instead of just a speaker – there will be activities, maybe a little play, stuff for children to take an active part.

Take a look at the web page below for pictures of some previous “Soundbites” events  

Breakfast of bacon rolls, croissants, fair traded tea and coffee, fresh fruit
and catering for gluten free and lactose free diets

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“Soundbites” is a new form of worship which meets in ECCH.
This page has photos from several services but more on specific pages

April 24, 2016    June 26, 2016

Soundbites normally meets on the 4th Sunday each month.

It starts with breakfast from 9.30 am

with worship, stories, activities etc from 10 am.

(Please note: if you, or your family, appear on photos but do not wish them shown please let us know)

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