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The Great British Joke Off
Saturday October 28, 2017
by Strictly Murder

A Sporting Death
Saturday November 14, 2015
by Strictly Murder

by Strictly Murder

Murder Mystery Evenings

One of the most popular events held in ECCH are Murder Mystery evenings

Poirot, Marple, Holmes, Father Brown, Morse, Barnaby, Columbo, and <insert your name here>. How good are you at solving the mystery before they do? Well now’s your chance to identify the “perp”, their motive and method.  

The Murder Mystery Evening is a play and meal at Exning Community Church Hall every year or so.

Between the three acts of the play you will have the opportunity to interview all the witnesses/suspects and enjoy a two course meal. Sometimes, until Act 3 even the cast don’t know if they are the guilty party.

There’s a page about each of the plays and you can see them by clicking on the pictures.


Between acts there is a chance to question the characters individually,.......................

 Who killed the Director?

Saturday May 7, 2011

by the Mildenhall based Bunbury Players Youth AmDram group.

 .........and eat an outstanding supper ..............................

This is Your Life
Saturday October 11, 2014
by Strictly Murder